Texas CLEC for Sale

The Light Link Networks L.P. (LLN) Texas inventory of Fiber Optic Duct Systems are extensive with over 545 duct miles and are second to none in the Texas market as far as superiority in quality, customers passed per mile, foot print and speed to market capability.

Fiber Optic Duct Systems Offering


The Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex duct/fiber foot print encompasses several routes that are all contiguous and fiber ready. The routes include... the Dallas Central Business District (CBD), Dallas to Irving, Fort Worth to Irving, Fort Worth (CBD), and Fort Worth to Alliance/Roanoke/Westlake.

The El Paso duct/fiber foot print offers an equally impressive system that is also fiber ready and - due to the fact that it is only a few hundred feet from Mexico - affords a unique business opportunity. The route goes from the East to the West side of El Paso and incorporates the El Paso CBD.

Both systems can be populated with fiber quickly and offer service to the customer in record time.

The Light Link assets are available individually by the duct route or as an outright acquisition of all assets. Please see the detailed LLN acquisition offering below.

LLN is offering 100% of its shares of stock which includes the following:

  • Approximately 545 duct miles (118 route/trench-miles).
  • CLEC License, SPCOA Certification, Bell Connectivity Agreement.

When comparing the LLN duct systems and acquisition price to other fiber / duct / conduit routes and CLEC's for sale in the same geographical regions, please consider the following:

  • All ducts are SDR 11 HDPE (1.5" ID) or (2'' ID).
  • Precise and digitized hard copy and on-line as-builts.
  • The LLN routes were strategically designed and built to pass by the most possible Regen Sites, Telecom Hotels, Bell Tandem Switches, POP sites and many other areas of inter-connectivity and potential customer saturation.
  • The routes are all substantially located in the CBD areas of major Texas cities that include Dallas, Dallas to Irving, Fort Worth to Irving, Fort Worth, Fort Worth to Alliance/Roanoke/Westlake, and El Paso.
  • Much of the directionally bored footage of the routes are deep and in solid rock and under asphalt and concrete and were very expensive and time consuming to build, yet affords protection from fiber cuts by other utility Co's, contractors, random excavation, and minimizes the need for future relocates.
  • Many of the LLN routes and rings can never be duplicated at any cost due to moratoriums placed on various streets by the cities.
  • LLN in conjunction with it's CLEC license and SPCOA certification could be used to "Land Bank" future duct / fiber acquisitions and would protect those acquired assets from being susceptible to the many various required city franchises and franchise fees and taxes, they are also very expensive and troublesome to acquire.
  • The LLN routes have more Customers, Regen Sites, POP sites, Bell Tandem Switches, etc., passed per mile of plant compared to most other carriers. This means less overhead and maintenance (O/M) costs per mile and essentially more value for the investment.
  • The design foresight and pre-engineering investigative work that went into the LLN routes insure fewer costly relocates of the plant which means less chance of fiber cuts and inconvenience to customers as well as having more customers and potential customers per mile.
  • Unlike many other carriers whose ducts are 1.25" ID, the LLN ducts are all either 1.5'' ID or 2'' ID SDR 11 HDPE. Our 2" ID ducts can provide further value in that a larger diameter fiber cable can be placed and or the duct can be divided, therefore making multiple duct paths out of one duct by utilizing duct dividers. The larger size ducts also allow for ease of pulling fiber and the adding of micro fiber straws on an as-needed basis especially after fiber placement.
  • Our duct systems are built to the most stringent specifications in the industry.
  • LLN's sister company, Dynamic Technical Services L. P., engineered and inspected the construction of the duct routes further insuring that the LLN construction specifications were strictly adhered to.
  • Accurate as-builts: Many of the duct systems that are for sale in today's market have been passed from hand to hand in bankruptcy proceedings with many of the systems being only partially or never completed and worked on by many different entities and contractors. The use of lax construction standards and specifications have also been an industry wide problem that lead to inferior duct / fiber systems as well as inaccurate, or no as-builts at all. Many times other carriers' ducts are never proofed for continuity and usability.
  • LLN guarantees continuity and usability on all of it's duct systems.
  • The LLN duct systems are Debt, Lien, and Litigation free.
  • The duct systems were all built to MCI engineering standards and specifications which are the most stringent in the industry.
  • The LLN duct systems were built in 1999 / 2000 at a cost of over 30 MM. This cost would have been excessively more had the systems not been designed, engineered, and built in-house by the Dynamic CO's. To duplicate the LLN duct systems (where possible) in today's economy with outside sources would cost in excess of 50 MM and take several years to complete.
  • By design, the LLN duct systems typically pass directly in front of or behind (within a few feet of the target buildings and the manholes are strategically placed to accommodate ingress to the buildings) it's targeted customers and meet me points and always on city, state, or public right of way. This enables quick inexpensive access to the buildings once customers are brought on-line, therefore there is no recurring fee or O/M charge from the building until there is revenue being generated. By using Micro Trenching and Micro Fiber from the manholes to the racks in the buildings costs can be further mitigated.

The duct systems were built by the Dynamic Co's per the LLN business plan that included the following:

  • To design, build, and be owned exclusively by LLN, extensive duct systems comprised of numerous ducts in a common trench in the CBD of the major cities of Texas that target potential high-end as well as low and mid level customers for triple play fiber services including, Residential, Condos, Major Carriers Facilities, Telecom Hotels, High Rise Buildings, Regen Sights, POP Sights, Bell Tandem Switches, and City and Governmental Facilities.
  • Occupy one duct with fiber in each LLN duct system and become a revenue generating CLEC.
  • Sell / Trade the remaining ducts for ducts in routes in other cities and states to broaden the LLN footprint.
  • Become a market competitor, and ultimately an acquisition target, then sell LLN to a major Telecom carrier or entity that could use the LLN duct / fiber optic systems and CLEC licenses as an initial footprint to become a major player in both the Texas and national markets.

Option To Make LLN a revenue generating CLEC:

  • All that would be required to make LLN a revenue generating telephone company would be to populate one of it's ducts with fiber and the implementation of a sales team.
  • LLN personnel are available to an acquirer to implement a business plan for the development of LLN into a revenue generating CLEC. The company could then quickly become an acquisition target of the major carriers.
  • A triple-play scenario would further compliment an LLN business plan and make it a much more attractive acquisition target in today's market.
  • If an acquirer chooses not to utilize LLN as a revenue generating telephone company, the discounted acquisition price would allow for the assets to be "Land Banked" and piece-milled out to generate a very lucrative return on their investment.

Option To Make LLN a National / International Carrier:

  • LLN, due to it's industry reputation , Texas footprint , CLEC licenses, close proximity to Mexico, and unparalled management and construction team make it the perfect catalyst for a company that wants to become a major player in the Telecom industry both nationally and internationally.

About the Dynamic Co.'s that built the duct systems:

  • The duct systems were designed, engineered, and built by the Dynamic Co.'s which are all privately held by Mickey Redwine.
  • Dynamic Technical Services, L.P. (DTS) did the engineering / design and inspection. Dynamic Cable Construction Co., L.P. (DCC) built the duct systems and they are owned by Light Link Networks, L. P. (LLN), which is also a Dynamic Co.
  • The three Dynamic companies are all well respected in the industry, both nationally and internationally and have performed work for all of the major Telecom carriers to include designing / engineering, and building extensive multi-million dollar long-haul, residential, and metro (CBD) fiber / ring duct systems. The companies have also held multiyear maintenance contracts on numerous fiber systems for major carriers.
  • Dallas CBD, Dallas to Irving, Fort Worth to Irving, Fort Worth CBD, Fort Worth to Alliance / Roanoke / Westlake, and El Paso were all built and totally funded by Mickey Redwine. All of the LLN duct systems were designed / engineered and built by the Dynamic CO.'s with the exception of the Fort Worth to Irving route which was built by others to the same standards as the other LLN systems.
  • Many major carriers nationwide have negotiated with the Dynamic CO.'s to build their duct systems rather than put their project out for bid.
  • The Dynamic CO.'s grossed 72 MM collectively in sales in 2000 and employed over (450) personnel before the down turn in the Telecom Industry. LLN's sister company, DTS, is also for sale and could greatly compliment the LLN acquisition depending on a customer's ultimate business plan and strategy.


  • LLN's revenue history from previous duct sales are extensive and available upon request.
  • It is evident from our sales record of duct systems to major carriers that the Dynamic CO's build superior duct systems.
  • The LLN name is trademarked.
  • The LLN duct systems are unequaled compared to any other duct systems in the industry due to:
    • The foresighted engineering that went into their design.
    • Quality of construction and materials used.
    • Route design ...Easy access to customers, POP Sites, Regen Sites, Meet me Points, Bell Tandem Switches, and other Carriers.
    • Extremely minimal recurring Overhead and Maintenance fees.

For more information and pricing please contact:

Mickey Redwine
591 VZCR 4823
Ben Wheeler, TX 75754
Office 903-849-2747
Direct 903-521-6550